Waste management is becoming a material issue particularly in places like Hong Kong where waste disposal options are increasingly limited. A rise in consumer consciousness and the high visibility of plastic waste create risks for companies unable to manage their waste footprint. Effective waste management requires developing a waste inventory as well as local options for reduction, re-use, and recycling.

Strategy & Targets

Developing a waste management strategy linked to a clear business case and specific targets, which can include metrics such as waste diversion from landfill and waste recycling goals.


Developing a waste inventory and tracking waste performance over time.


Developing and implementing solutions, such as improved inventory management and specific programmes focused on plastics and food linked to the availability of local waste management services.


Melco Resorts
RESET assisted Melco Resorts & Entertainment in undertaking an in-depth resort-level waste composition audit that was the basis for developing a waste reduction and diversion strategy and roadmap across the Group.

The roadmap was used during consultations with operating teams to identify the feasibility of different waste reduction and diversion opportunities. Following the internal consultation, RESET developed an action plan, which defines the tasks, roles and responsibilities, and implementation timeframe for selected opportunities.

Carbon & Energy and Renewable