Our Journey

February 2009
RESET Carbon Launches with its first employees

RESET hires its first employees, Liam Salter as CEO, Brian Au as Senior Consultant and Randi Lit as office manager.

March 2009
RESET Carbon’s first office opens

Our first office was shared with a carbon trading firm in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. We started out with three employees but “once we found out that our business partner wasn’t paying the rent we came in at night, grabbed the best furniture and the microwave and relocated to the world’s smallest office in Sheung Wan.

May 2009
Our first client - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

We won our first client – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, delivering their carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2), which was one of the first universities in Asia to start thinking about reducing its emissions. “There was no such thing as a scope 3 inventory in those days!

July 2009
Our first corporate client – Cathay Pacific

We started working with our first corporate client, Cathay Pacific, to develop the carbon inventory for their ground-based business, including all their overseas properties and airport offices. This was the start of our long-term relationship, through which we have worked collaboratively together over the past 15 years. Today, our work for Cathay Pacific focuses on its Scope 3 footprint.

September 2009
Our first supply chain client - Walmart

We won a global tender to support a Walmart energy efficiency programme. This was a pivotal moment for the business and triggered the development of the engineering solutions that are so critical to our business today.

March 2010
Our first global client – Edelman PR

We started to work with our first truly global client - Edelman PR company. Having already delivered projects for their Hong Kong team, we scaled up to build their initial global carbon inventory. We went on to work together for over 10 years, setting carbon targets and reducing emissions from their major offices and business air travel.

October 2010
Collaborating with the NRDC to scale Clean by Design Programme

Our collaboration with the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) and 18 Chinese textile mills led to the scaling of the Clean by Design Programme, which focused on deploying NRDC’s ten best practices for textile mills enabling them to save money and reduce pollution. This multi-year initiative soon evolved to become one of Apparel Impact Institute’s core programmes.

April 2011
Engineering Capabilities Launch

Pushing ourselves to remain at the frontier, we set up our engineering capabilities, building out a specialist team of carbon engineers that enabled us to execute on implementation projects alongside our consulting work. This was an important and strategic move to stay ahead of the rapidly changing market and increase the impact we could have on client’s carbon footprints.

June 2011
Our first major brand strategy project – VF

Our first major brand strategy project was for VF, one of the world’s largest apparel and footwear manufacturers, sporting a range of iconic brands. We developed a supply chain engagement strategy for the purpose driven business and went on to develop supplier environmental guides and a Vietnamese carbon programme, collaborating in-depth with major suppliers on carbon targets and reduction programmes that really moved the dial.

September 2012
RESET works with the first company to use Higg FEM (v1.0)

Central Textiles Group becomes one of the first Asian major textiles suppliers to complete the Supplier Facilities Module assessment of the newly released Higg Index 1.0, contracting RESET Carbon to assess data integrity and scoring of the facility’s performance against the launched version 1.0.

June 2014
From Individual Suppliers to Supplier Portfolios

Priding ourselves on our agility, our services continued to evolve as the market matured and our customers’ ambitions grew. From 2014 onwards, we saw brands starting to think more carefully about moving beyond working with individual suppliers and into supplier portfolios where real progress can be made.

February 2016
RESET Rebrands

As the business grew the look and feel of the company needed a refresh and RESET rebranded, marking the next chapter of our journey, and signalling a step change in our growth ambitions.

May 2016
SBTi introduces Scope 3 targets

SBTi introduced Scope 3 targets - this shift towards linking ambition to global emissions trajectories and temperature targets was the catalyst for many companies to think seriously about carbon as a risk / opportunity issue, framing the idea that if you are not moving fast enough then your progress is not credible. This was the start of a transformative move towards brands focusing on Scope 3 emissions and targets, leading to RESET evolving its service offering.

March 2018
Scope 3 target setting for clients takes hold

A whole new attitude towards supply chains is now felt more prominently in the market, meaning that carbon strategy must cover the whole supply chain rather than just selected manufacturers.

August 2018
act renewable, our sister company, launched

We identified the need for in-depth renewable energy solutions for corporate businesses. act renewable was established as a joint venture between renewable energy developer BayWa r.e and RESET Carbon. act renewable is headquartered in Germany, with satellite offices in Asia, and they support corporates with navigating
the complex renewable energy transition.

November 2019
Swire Properties makes history with SBTi validation

Swire Properties was the first real estate developer in Greater China to receive SBTi validation. This was our first client that we guided through the rigorous validation process and established our credentials as the go-to ‘deep’ carbon services provider in Hong Kong.

January 2020
Carbon Leadership Programme (CLP) launches - first program of its kind in Asia

An innovative and impactful initiative developed by RESET Carbon and Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) for action-oriented apparel brands and their suppliers across Asia to support with setting actionable supply chain carbon targets which has since evolved into the largest manufacturer carbon implementation programme in the sector.

March 2020
RESET Carbon’s footprint expands to Taiwan
June 2021
act renewable’s Vietnam office opens
Building upon their European experience, act renewable adapted its offering to the Southeast Asian market, with a strong focus on supporting corporate supply chains with renewable energy procurement.
October 2021
RESET Carbon brings its carbon expertise to Shanghai & Shenzhen
June 2023
First ever construction company in Greater China receives SBTi approval

Our Hong Kong team supported Gammon with the approval of their near-term science-based emissions reduction targets from (SBTi). A first for any construction
and engineering company in Greater China.

July 2023
Over 3million tonnes of CO2 saved through the CLP

If all the action plans have been developed for brands involved with the CLP are fully implemented, RESET will have supported in the avoidance of 3million tonnes of CO2. 

August 2023
BayWa r.e acquires a minority stake in RESET Carbon
BayWa r.e., our long-term partner in the act renewable joint venture, acquired a minority share in RESET Carbon. A global developer of renewable energy and clean technology projects, BayWa r.e’s own mission is tightly linked to a shared net zero vision.
September 2023
Carbon Management Technology Advisory Service launches

We launched a new service arm supporting businesses choose fit-for-purpose carbon management technology solutions, seamlessly adopt these solutions, and maximize the value on the solution investment.

September 2023
RESET & DBS Bank sign an MOU facilitating opportunities for sustainable finance
With financing increasingly seen as an integral part of the solution for clients to drive decarbonization, RESET partners with one of the most innovative banks in the region, DBS, to develop new solutions for our collective customers.

News & Insights

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