Carbon Management
Technology Advisory

Supporting businesses to choose, and seamlessly adopt, fit-for-purpose carbon management technology solutions and maximize the value of their solution investment.

Our Carbon Management Technology Advisory Service supports businesses to choose, and seamlessly adopt, fit-for-purpose carbon management technology solutions and maximize the value of their solution investment.

The suite of services is delivered by our specialist team of carbon consultants and engineers, enabling clients to accelerate their roadmap to meet their carbon reduction goals. Adopting technology can help reduce the manual review and data processing work and improve the efficiency in tracking and reporting, freeing up sustainability professionals’ time to focus on the more urgent issues of implementing the reduction solutions.


We support businesses in making the right decision for their carbon management solution investment, including:

  •  Streamlining our clients’ technology selection by mapping out the ecosystem
  • Conducting reviews of solution architectures
  • Delivering strategic solution recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the best-suited technologies
  • Facilitating and advising on the procurement criteria
Chemicals and Wastewater

Wastewater Test Failure Root Cause Analysis

This service focuses directly on diagnosing a specific wastewater test failure and identifying remedial action to bring wastewater performance in-line with a desired discharge standard.

Detox Assessment

Our Detox assessment provides in-depth analysis of a facility’s chemicals inputs, process use, and effluent treatment activities. We use load modeling to evaluate effluent treatment plant (ETP) capabilities and focus on step-by-step recommendations covering chemicals inventory selection, process management, and ETP operations.

Chemicals Management Training

We provide a series of on-site chemicals management training programmes including issues such as green chemicals selection, procurement and inventory management, safety and handling, and production strategy.

Chemicals and Wastewater Project Implementation Support

Our chemicals engineers provide on-site support for ‘retainer-style’ management programmes or ‘one-off’ consulting for specific improvement projects. Implementation support is usually highly bespoke – please contact us directly for more information.

Our expert team will facilitate seamless adoption once a tool has been selected – including:

  • Supporting the onboarding of the new tool by managing the software setup in alignment with the business goals, operating model, and requirements.
  • Collecting and uploading data through multiple options including manual entry, surveys, file imports, and direct integration from the business’ internal information systems.
  • Leveraging past measurements, targets, and reduction plans to automate reports and create reports that meet disclosure requirements.
  • Conducting training for the designated users, to ensure the business maximizes the solution’s full potential. 

Our team will support you to gain visibility on your progress, accelerate your roadmap to meet carbon reduction goals, and engage with suppliers. Services include:

  • Design and configure interactive dashboards that provide real-time visibility of supplier performance, carbon emissions, and progress.
  • Setup and generate reports that are aligned with internal and external reporting demands
  • Auditability and enhancement support that ensures an audit trail is available and the correct internal control systems are set-up
  • Identify compliance change requirements and recommendations for reporting enhancements.

Ongoing support is provided as you become familiar with the tool to ensure you maximise the value from your investment. Services include:

  • Automate the report and data sharing process and make any potential changes
  • Maximize the value you get from the purchased software by keeping abreast of the latest features and upgrades, diagnosing gaps within existing tools and recommending enhancements.
  • Advise on how to use the data library, when to use what data and how the data is updated 
  • Improving data management capabilities by setting up appropriate data quality rules and implementing other best practices to assist with improving data quality.

How are RESET’s Tech Advisory Services unique?

  • Deep carbon accounting expertise
  • Comprehensive ecosystem understanding
    • Global vs. Local
    • General vs Sector Specialisation
  • Deep supply chain management experience
  • Understanding of regional regulatory reporting requirements
  • 14 year track record working with global leaders in their field