A huge opportunity exists to increase the efficiency, reduce the environmental impacts, and enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing in Asia.
RESET’s engineers have worked in over 300 facilities in 11 countries around the region and consistently identified cost effective technology and management solutions that drive major reductions in factory emissions, water use, and waste. However the business case for manufacturers depends heavily on support from brand and retailer buyers, who have historically undervalued environmental performance when making sourcing decisions.

RESET services are based on the idea that sustainability initiatives need to drive value for both buyers and suppliers. We help buyers build practical and affordable programmes that make sense for their manufacturing partners. And we offer suppliers technical support to improve factory environmental performance, save money, and strengthen in-house engineering capacity
Energy and Water

Energy Efficiency Assessment

RESET has conducted over 100 on-site energy efficiency assessments in Asian manufacturing sites. Our service includes a detailed breakdown of energy saving opportunities and their expected financial performance together with a proposed sequenced action plan, associated cashflow analysis and a monitoring and reporting strategy . Our analysis covers all major subsystems typically found in manufacturing with a particular focus on steam and boiler systems where present which typically yield savings with excellent paybacks.

KPIs and Metering Support

This service reviews the ability of existing sub-metering to deliver a suitable energy and water KPI and provides recommendations and implementation support for upgrading metering hardware, and IT to deliver a preferred information outcome.

Energy and Water Efficiency Implementation Support

Our electrical and mechanical engineers provide on-site support for ‘retainer-style’ energy and water management programmes or specific technology projects. Implementation support is usually highly bespoke– please contact us directly for more information.
Chemicals and Wastewater

Wastewater Test Failure Root Cause Analysis

This service focuses directly on diagnosing a specific wastewater test failure and identifying remedial action to bring wastewater performance in-line with a desired discharge standard.

Detox Assessment

Our Detox assessment provides in-depth analysis of a facility’s chemicals inputs, process use, and effluent treatment activities. We use load modeling to evaluate effluent treatment plant (ETP) capabilities and focus on step-by-step recommendations covering chemicals inventory selection, process management, and ETP operations.

Chemicals Management Training

We provide a series of on-site chemicals management training programmes including issues such as green chemicals selection, procurement and inventory management, safety and handling, and production strategy.

Chemicals and Wastewater Project Implementation Support

Our chemicals engineers provide on-site support for ‘retainer-style’ management programmes or ‘one-off’ consulting for specific improvement projects. Implementation support is usually highly bespoke – please contact us directly for more information.
Renewable Energy

Onsite PV Assessment

Working with our partner act renewable, we analyse rooftop or land availability, PV system sizing and yield, and project economics to determine the feasibility of onsite PV systems under direct procurement or power purchase agreement (PPA) financing models.

Offsite PV Assessment

Working with our partner act renewable, we operate in an Owners Technical Advisor (OTA) role to provide independent review of PV system design, installation, commissioning, and performance against contract.
Higg Index FEM 3.0

Classroom Training

We offer a variety of classroom training around Higg FEM and ZDHC tools for both brand/retailer corporate teams and factory engineers.


HiggREADY is RESET’s on-site training service designed to support accurate self-assessment, effective documentation and record-keeping, and development of action plans to improve Higg FEM score.
Standards and Verification
We offer onsite verification of FEM 3.0 self assessments by our team of SAC certified ‘generalist’ and ‘chemicals specialist’ verifiers.


As a strategic partner for AII, RESET helped deliver the Mill Impact Initiative/Clean by Design programme, which is currently being used in over 100 fabric and dye mills to identify and implement energy saving opportunities. RESET continues to support ongoing AII initiatives to develop collaborative approaches to carbon, energy, and chemicals management within the sector.
RESET worked with adidas to deliver a series of environmental programmes for their suppliers, such as providing support to over 20 suppliers implementing adidas’ energy saving goals, technical guidance on energy and water metering in dyeing, footwear, and apparel sites, and the adidas environmental good practice guide.

Raw Materials