Carbon & Renewables

Our work is driven by an understanding of the reductions required to avoid a dangerous increase in the earth’s temperature, widely regarded as a threshold of 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial temperature norms.

Strategy & Targets

Developing a carbon reduction strategy linked to a clear business case and a quantitative carbon reduction target.


Quantifying carbon emissions using international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and developing key performance indicators to measure progress against targets.


Developing and implementing solutions strategies including metering and software technology, energy audits and energy saving programmes, onsite and offsite renewables procurement, and sourcing of low carbon raw materials. RESET also prioritises training of our customers’ internal teams and development of internal management systems.


In 2019, RESET supported the SPL team to develop Asia’s first Science Based Carbon Target for real estate located in Hong Kong and China. Our work focused on development of carbon reduction scenarios for scope 1 and 2 emissions, approaches to engaging and benchmarking tenants and raw materials suppliers and the development of a renewable energy procurement strategy.
In 2020, RESET supported the SCC team to develop one of the most ambitious carbon reduction targets in Asia’s food and beverage sector. We looked beyond their corporate operations and reviewed their renewable energy procurement, packaging, ingredients, and emissions from cold drinks equipment. RESET continues to work with SCC as they implement these ambitious goals.