Fast Mover Kmart Shows No One Needs to Drag Their Feet

Kmart Australia, an Australian and New Zealand value retailer– and client of RESET Carbon since 2016– has solved a piece of the supply chain sustainability puzzle. Since making a commitment in 2017, Kmart is on track to become one of the fastest companies to source 100% more sustainable cotton via the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), … Continue reading Fast Mover Kmart Shows No One Needs to Drag Their Feet

Viscose Pressure Paying Off

An NGO called Changing Markets released a report in June 2017 bringing to light the social and environmental impacts of viscose production. The report named several major brands such as H&M, Inditex (parent company of Zara) and online retailer ASOS as large purchasers of viscose. Using evidence of water pollution from major production sites, Changing Markets put … Continue reading Viscose Pressure Paying Off

Small steps in the right direction

At RESET we started 2018 optimistic that Higg FEM 3.0 would conjure up much needed impetus to a sector seeking to reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing at scale.  However as FEM recently beat out the trade war and the IPCC special report to win RESET’s 2018 ‘most likely to induce office profanity’ award, our … Continue reading Small steps in the right direction