Asia is not short of technology solutions, but for many of our customers making the right choice is difficult based on information provided by vendors. As a technology-neutral service provider, we understand that our role is to help customers understand, select, and install technologies most suited to their footprint reduction goals.

We have conducted energy audits and environmental assessments in over 250 sites across 11 countries in Asia. Our implementation projects save our customers up to 1m USD per year in avoided energy costs.

  • RESET has conducted over 150 energy efficiency assessments across Asia. We specialise in light industrial sites and in identifying savings opportunities across a complex range of processes and industrial systems.
  • RESET provides multi-year project management consulting support to Tesco Lotus in Thailand, overseeing the installation and commissioning of energy saving projects and technologies in over 600 hypermarket and supermarket sites.
  • RESET provides multi-year retainer service to an international manufacturer of electrical equipment across two sites. Over 20 projects have been implemented to date resulting in savings of nearly USD 300 000 per year.

Down in the weeds

Our solution team works closely with customer engineering and facility management teams at site level.  We focus on removing barriers that prevent commercially attractive projects and technologies from being implemented and replicated within the business.  These include challenges such as:

  • Selection of the most suitable technology vendors.
  • Understanding when and how to leverage 3rd party financing such as renewable energy power purchase agreements or guaranteed savings contracts.
  • Ensuring accurate and effective commissioning of technologies to ensure that vendor specifications are delivered in operational practice.
  • Working with customers to develop effective methodologies for the verification and reporting of cost savings at the project level.
  • Working with customer teams to develop internal technical skills and implement projects effectively in-house.
  • Replicating facility level best practice at scale within a company’s operations.