If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Environmental footprinting allows companies to quantify their business impacts and track the success of their solution projects. At RESET, we help our customers collect and report their carbon, energy, water, and waste data in line with international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Carbon Disclosure Project, and the Carbon Trust Standard.

We utilise sector specific third party benchmarks such as the Higg Index, Carbon Trust Standard (CTS), the Airport Carbon Accreditation standard, and the Science Based Carbon Target Initiative (SBTI) to help our customers assess and rate their performance against peers and market trends. For larger customers, automated data collection and analysis are critical and so we support procurement of IT solutions to facilitate this.

We also offer life cycle assessment (LCA) footprinting services for customers seeking to understand and communicate the environmental performance of their products and supply chains.

  • Since 2012, we helped Edelman develop a global carbon inventory and deliver carbon reductions of 21% by 2015. Edelman is the only professional services company to achieve certification under the Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) at the global corporate level.
  • In 2013, we supported Shangri-La to measure and report their carbon and water footprint across 80 properties worldwide. We then used this data to benchmark the energy and water performance of individual properties, which helped us to better understand opportunities for investing in energy and water efficiency projects.
  • For the past few years, we have been helping the Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK) achieve certification to Level III under the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA). We also supported the development of AAHK’s 2020 10% carbon reduction target.
  • In 2012-2014, we provided environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) services to the Lee Rethink range. The LCA demonstrated that green sourcing practices could deliver carbon and water reductions of over 40%.