Introducing RESET’s new service platform– the Clean Production Group

In late November, together with Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), RESET launched a new service platform called Clean Production Group (CPG). Simply put, CPG offers high quality, standardised energy, water and chemicals performance improvement services to manufacturers in major Asian sourcing markets. Together with STS, we have already delivered solutions to over 500 Asian factories over … Continue reading Introducing RESET’s new service platform– the Clean Production Group

How to drive environmental improvements across your supply chain

Businesses are facing increasing pressure to account for the environmental impacts associated with their manufacturing process, driven by growing stakeholder expectations– from consumers, business, civil society, and governments– as well as a recognition that regulatory compliance is no guarantee that products have been manufactured responsibly.

Small steps in the right direction

At RESET we started 2018 optimistic that Higg FEM 3.0 would conjure up much needed impetus to a sector seeking to reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing at scale.  However as FEM recently beat out the trade war and the IPCC special report to win RESET’s 2018 ‘most likely to induce office profanity’ award, our … Continue reading Small steps in the right direction

Revisiting Higg

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) brought the Higg FEM 3.0 to market this year. I wrote a review of the Higg Index Facilities Environment Module version 3– its technical name– back in November of last year, saying that a quality execution of Higg’s ‘great idea’ was critical to its success. Higg FEM is an industry … Continue reading Revisiting Higg