Welcoming Ellen Wu – General Manager, Mainland China & Taiwan

We are delighted to welcome Ellen Wu as General Manager for Mainland China and Taiwan.

Ellen is an impact investor turned General Manager, who has over 20 years’ experience working in Fintech across US, Europe and Asia. Having been involved with RESET as an investor since 2020 Ellen is already familiar with the business and is looking forward to bringing her deep understanding of the impact of local regulations and environmental policy to international corporates operating in Asia.

Ellen currently devotes her time to advising many Fortune 500 businesses reduce their global carbon footprint and meet their carbon neutral goals with on the ground execution within their own operation and across the value chain. Prior to joining RESET Carbon, Ellen had a successful career as Chief Data Officer and Chief Information Officer at global financial firms, such as Manulife, HSBC and Standard and Poor’s.

At RESET, Ellen will utilise her extensive experience and expertise to lead the development of our Mainland China and Taiwan businesses. Her focus areas include bringing RESET Carbon’s services to Mainland China and Taiwan, developing our talent to serve our clients and the growing businesses, and managing strategic partnerships in services and technology areas.

Here, Ellen shares her vision for the business, her goals for the role, and her plans for leading the RESET team to address the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

What was it that struck you about RESET when you were first introduced to the company?

“RESET is a unique business with a team focused on solving problems. The ambition and motivation of the company is very pure and clear, and the team is extremely capable. It’s a think tank with strong execution ability. Coming from a corporate background, I always knew that they would do very well at being the specialist partner that all enterprises need know to face the rising environmental challenges. Now I’m part of the executive team, and I believe in the value this team can bring more than ever.”

What’s the mission and ambition for the business in 2023 and beyond?

“In the past, it took a lot of effort to convince enterprises to act to drive carbon reduction. In 2023, we are seeing growing awareness of the importance of managing carbon footprint and increased focus on setting targets and implementing carbon reduction projects. Our mission is to support our clients to set ambitious carbon reduction goals supported by a strong business case with meticulous technical implementation to achieve the 1.5 degree target. We will be that long term and specialist partner to help solve each challenge and leverage every opportunity along the way.”

On a global level, what do you believe are the most important environmental issues facing the world right now, and how is RESET helping address these challenges?

“The single most important issue – and an existential one – is climate change. To reduce the velocity of climate change impact, we must take drastic and bold actions. This requires meticulous planning and actions to bring all resources together from both private and public sectors. RESET’s role is to match and aggregate these resources to drive meaningful change.”

What is it you want to achieve in your role as General Manager China?

“China contributes 26% of global emissions. As it rises to be an economic super-power, it will need to take an even more significant role in managing its environmental impact. I hope to use RESET Carbon as a platform to positively impact both public and private sector decision makers to allocate investment and resources to reduce environmental impact as the economy grows. I also hope to bridge international and local experiences and methodology to find practical solutions that are workable for businesses operating in China.”

“The partnership development aspect of my role is also going to be key in driving scale. Through collaboration we can make superior progress, and this is vital if we are to reach the 1.5 degree target.”

What is it that excites you about moving into this new position at RESET Carbon?

“The most exciting part of the role is being able to take a front row seat as part of a specialized team who are pushing the frontier of carbon reduction solutions, working side by side with some of the most ambitious enterprises. Many amazing innovative ideas are coming to life in the projects that we are implementing at RESET Carbon; there really is no other place that can compete.”

What’s the special factor that sets RESET Carbon apart?

“RESET is very mission driven. With a simple investor structure and a clear mission, the business can stay very focused on our ambition and making the right business decisions. This allows RESET to be truly specialized, to move fast in key topics and invest in solutions with promising impact. We are also a distinct blend of engineering expertise, carbon consultants and passionate leadership, which makes for a real powerhouse of experience under one roof.”

What are some of the most promising developments when it comes to environmental progress that you are seeing in the market today?

“We are seeing more industry level organizations leveraging government or other external funding to help small and medium size businesses to make progress in reducing its environmental footprint. We will need more scalable programs and government and regulatory support to move the industry at pace and at scale.”

What role do you believe RESET Carbon can play in helping to shape public policy and regulation around environmental issues, and how is RESET Carbon using its expertise and influence to advocate for positive change?

“RESET has a rich history and a wealth of experience in helping businesses plan and execute projects to reduce environmental footprints. These experiences are being leveraged by policy makers and NGOs to set standards, targets and roadmaps, such as being invited to be a drafting party for the ESG standards for the energy sector in China, and partnering with industry associations and NGOs to roll out industry wide program like our Carbon Leadership Program. We hope to see more collaboration across the board to drive change at speed.”

How do you plan to approach collaboration with clients and other stakeholders in your new role?

“Through our resilient operating model and our talent community who share a common purpose, we hope to build an ecosystem of innovative players that come together to create the carbon solution journey for decision makers in both public and private sectors. Through collaboration, the ecosystem can overcome any challenges we face in resolving the issue of climate change.”

Please join us in welcoming Ellen to the team and if you would like to reach out to her directly please do!