Podcast: Effective Carbon Emission Targets & The Road to Reduction

Our CEO, Liam Salter recently had the pleasure of joining Lee Green on the Sustainable Apparel Coalition “Drivers of Change” podcast to discuss the current state of ‘carbon’ within the Footwear and Apparel Sector.

With concerns about net zero greenwashing coming to the fore and with over 100 apparel brands and manufacturers having released public carbon targets the cracks are going to start appearing fast if these companies don’t seriously address their supply chains.  
Having said that, Liam shares that the solutions for ~2030 carbon goals are very achievable, and many companies are already moving to scale them up.
Listen to the full podcast as they dig into science-based targets and what is it that really needs to happen for meaningful progress to be seen across the apparel and footwear sectors.

Listen here in english: