Launching our Tech Advisory Services at ReThink HK

As we enter our 15th year, we’re thrilled to announce that we have launched our Tech Advisory Service at ReThink HK. This new service will focus on supporting businesses to choose, and seamlessly adopt, fit-for-purpose carbon management technology solutions and maximize the value of their solution investment.

Delivered by our specialist team of carbon consultants and engineers, our Tech Advisory Services include the following:

Strategy & Selection:

We support clients in making the right decision for their carbon management solution investment, including:

  • Streamlining our clients’ technology selection by mapping out the ecosystem
  • Conducting reviews of solution architectures
  • Delivering strategic solution recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the best-suited technologies
  • Facilitating and advising on the procurement criteria


Our expert team will facilitate seamless adoption once a tool has been selected – including:

  • Supporting the onboarding of the new tool by managing the software setup in alignment with the client’s goals, operating model, and requirements.
  • Collecting and uploading data through multiple options including manual entry, surveys, file imports, and direct integration from the client’s information systems.
  • Leveraging past measurements, targets, and reduction plans to automate reports and create reports that meet disclosure requirements.
  • Conducting training for the designated users, so the client can leverage the solution to its full potential.

Tracking, Reporting & Optimization:

Our team will continue providing ongoing support as clients become familiar with the tool. Services include:

  • Implementing any further automation, potential changes, and ongoing optimizations to help maximize the value of the solution investment.
  • Diagnosing issues or gaps within any existing tools and recommending enhancements.
  • Improving data management capabilities by setting up appropriate data quality rules and implementing other best practices to assist with improving data quality.

At RESET Carbon, we specialise in supply chain carbon reduction and recently leveraged our domain knowledge to collaborate with technology partner TradeBeyond, to release our Supplier’s Carbon Management Tool (SCMT). The tool, which was co-designed and developed by TradeBeyond, will enable businesses to engage suppliers to develop and implement carbon reduction action plans and track supplier implementation performance versus targets into the future.

With the launch of our Tech Advisory Service, we are looking forward to supporting clients accelerate their roadmap to meet their carbon reduction goals. The technology can help reduce the manual review and data processing work and improve the efficiency in tracking and reporting. This frees up sustainability professionals to focus on the more urgent issues of implementing the reduction solutions.

Our General Manager, Ellen Wu, shares:

“It’s an inevitable and natural next step for carbon management data tracking and reporting work to be automated and digitalized. We hope that with our help, more businesses can make the right type of investment and maximize the value of their technology investment to accelerate their carbon footprint reduction.”

Learn more about how our Tech Advisory Services can support your decarbonisation journey.