Inspiring the Next Generation of Eco Warriors at Online Summit

Sharon Sun, one of our Senior Engineers, outlined the vital role of gender equality in addressing climate change to over 80 high school students at the Eco Warriors Summit earlier this month.

Launched in 2019, the annual event brings together middle and high school students from Shanghai’s international and bilingual schools to enable them to make sustainable changes across their campuses. The theme for this year’s summit was the environmental impact of our online lives and Sharon was honoured to be alongside peers from Microsoft, gams Environmental Monitoring, Carbonbase and Tencent.

Inspiring the younger generation to consider careers focused on driving climate actions is a key aspect of our Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy. Sharon was delighted to have the opportunity to speak about the key role of gender equality in enhancing science, technology and innovation for climate action. She highlighted to the delegates that, while 90% of environmental activists are female, there is a significant lack of female representation among Engineers.

Sharon shared the initiatives that RESET Carbon has put in place to bring more female employees on board. Because, while we are dedicated to gender diversity and are proud to have a 50% female team, we recognize the need for more female engineers in industry. During the webinar, Sharon also outlined the advantages of greater diversity and how this enables innovation, as demonstrated by our Carbon Leadership Program, which is leading to impacts such as substantial reductions in the apparel industry’s carbon footprint.

The quality of engagement from attendees at the Eco Warriors Summit demonstrates that there is a great deal of talent to bring on board in the fight against climate change! 

A big thank you to the organisers.