Our Mission

We work with business to resolve the environmental crisis by making meaningful reductions in their carbon, water, and waste footprint.

Our Approach

RESET has been operating since 2009. We have conducted over 300 projects in 11 countries across Asia. We currently have a team of 30 people based in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and India Our business model is focused on helping companies make meaningful reductions in their environmental footprint. We build long term collaborative partnerships with our customers, setting and implementing ambitious environmental targets, and scaling these up over time.

News & Insights

The bright spots show that deep decarbonization is possible

As we kick-off 2023, we are reflecting on the current state of the decarbonization movement across Asia, highlighting some key opportunities that we see ahead of us. Key highlights from the previous year show that deep decarbonization is possible.

Impact Award Winner – Carbon Leadership Program

We are humbled to have won the 2022 Impact Award for our Carbon Leadership Program (CLP)! The Impact Award recognizes corporations, organizations, or institutions whose programs and partnerships have resulted in a long-term impact, especially in solving complex social, economic, or environmental challenges.