Our Mission

We work with business to resolve the environmental crisis by making meaningful reductions in their carbon, water, and waste footprint.

Our Approach

RESET has been operating since 2009. We have conducted over 300 projects in 11 countries across Asia. We currently have a team of 30 people based in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and India Our business model is focused on helping companies make meaningful reductions in their environmental footprint. We build long term collaborative partnerships with our customers, setting and implementing ambitious environmental targets, and scaling these up over time.

News & Insights

Key Observations from ReThink Hong Kong

As a proud sponsor and supporter of ReThink HK, it was exhilarating to hear so many business leaders engaging in conversations around how to set science-based targets, how to engage in carbon reduction programs, and how to quantify their performance in this area.

Three key sustainability challenges facing companies right now

While companies are increasingly eager to become more sustainable, doing so is still proving difficult for many. We spend all day everyday thinking about and talking to these commitments. In this article, we draw on our extensive experience to share three of the key challenges currently affecting businesses looking to operate in a more sustainable way.