Driving Action Through Engineering Expertise

As we enter our 15th year, we’re looking back at some of the key moments that have shaped our business. While we initially specialised in inventory management and offered high-level strategic guidance, a pivotal moment in our evolution occurred in 2011 when we ventured into the realm of engineering.

 This strategic shift was essential in ensuring the effective execution of the carefully crafted strategies we developed for our clients. The implementation phase is where tangible impact comes to life, and by uniting our strategic consultants with an experienced team of carbon engineers it enabled us to drive action at a faster rate. Over time, we have evolved into a trusted partner for top-tier technical support for brands and their suppliers.

 Fast forward 12 years and we continue to develop our engineering services keeping ahead of ever evolving technologies, regulatory requirements, and emission targets. Currently, our professional team of engineers operate in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and India, providing actionable decarbonization solutions to over 30 internationally renowned brands across diverse industries, extending our support to approximately 350+ factories. Our engineers’ extensive industry experience equips us to provide comprehensive technical assistance across the entire carbon reduction journey for carbon intensive facilities. These solutions include the initial research, assessments, and baseline data validation of all the carbon reduction opportunities, through to implementing medium-long term energy efficiency projects, including renewable electricity, thermal fuel switch, technology retrofits and more.

These execution support programs are tailored to different industry needs, focusing on addressing the challenges associated with implementing emission reduction plans for energy-intensive equipment.

 Some key examples of businesses that have successfully executed parts of their reduction plans with our team’s support:

Levis, adidas and TTI: Onsite/Offsite Renewables investigation
European Outdoor Group: Dyeing Process Water Usage Optimization
Swire Coca-Cola, Lululemon and HKEX: Energy Assessment

Have you got a carbon reduction or renewable energy strategy that needs implementation support? Connect with our team.