Introducing RESET’s new service platform– the Clean Production Group

In late November, together with Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), RESET launched a new service platform called Clean Production Group (CPG). Simply put, CPG offers high quality, standardised energy, water and chemicals performance improvement services to manufacturers in major Asian sourcing markets.

Together with STS, we have already delivered solutions to over 500 Asian factories over the last few years.

CPG is targeting a new trend where both brands and major suppliers are starting to address environmental issues more meaningfully. We see a departure from the usual ad-hoc projects, NGO and government sponsored programmes and PR driven initiatives towards a more systematic management of environmental risks across manufacturers’ operations and brand supply chains.

This trend is driven by tightening regulations in countries such as China, increased NGO scrutiny of the manufacturing process and peer pressure from brands that have been early out of the gate.

For manufacturers this means customers are increasingly asking for defined levels of performance on issues such as wastewater quality, chemicals inventory, and carbon emissions using a more standardised set of tools.  For example in the footwear and apparel sector this includes the Higg Index FEM 3.0 and the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) toolsets.

CPG is a direct response to this trend with the goal of improving the availability of technical expertise to manufacturers. We are offering a carefully curated suite of services, linked to the FEM and ZDHC tools and structured to support factories benchmark and improve their performance in stages.

For example, for manufacturers looking to reduce carbon footprint we offer energy efficiency and renewable energy assessment services, a service to upgrade metering infrastructure to ensure accurate collection of key KPIs and a project management consulting service for factories seeking to implement new projects and technologies.  For chemicals and wastewater our offerings will help factories link an understanding of their chemicals inputs with manufacturing process requirements and effluent treatment plant capabilities, to ensure cost effective investment in their operations.

The success indicator for CPG will be our ability to demonstrate verifiable performance improvements in our customer sites and ultimately see that those factories outperforming on environmental issues are properly recognised and valued in the marketplace.