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Product LCA Footprint

A product’s carbon footprint includes carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions across its entire lifecycle, from raw materials, manufacture and distribution to its use and disposal. From the supply chain perspective, conducting a “cradle to grave” product carbon footprint allowing brands, suppliers and service providers taking part to understand the carbon hotspots in the entire life of their product. Using internationally recognized standards like PAS 2050 (developed by The Carbon Trust, Defra and BSI), brands can communicate a product’s carbon footprint to consumers credibly and succinctly. New product footprint standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard and ISO 14067 are expected to be commercially available in 2011.

The major values of product carbon footprinting include:

  • Review carbon and energy hotspots in product design, material used, manufacturing and transport processes for carbon and cost reduction potentials
  • Distinctive branding opportunity as product footprint is a premium showcase of supply chain accountability
  • Unique product marketing angle for increasingly eco-aware consumers all over the world.
  • Prepare for or respond to leading international buyers’ request for upstream supply chain carbon transparency.

Carbon Trust product footprint labeled product

What you get:

  • PAS 2050 verification-ready Complete lifecycle assessment  (LCA) results of of target product with measurement of carbon footprint
  • Carbon footprint database on the target product
  • Recommendations for improvements, next steps and communications support
  • Executive presentation to client’s top management on final results
  • (optional) Issue of Carbon Reduction Label by Carbon Trust, UK or 3rd party verification with an approved, China-based independent verifier (for PAS 2050)

Why RESET Carbon?

  • Asian Expertise: Through our facility-level work we are experienced at collecting and evaluating data from Asian supply chains.
  • At the forefront of standards development: RESET Carbon conducted GHG Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting & Reporting Standard road test for a Hong Kong apparel manufacturer in 2010.
  • Extra value: to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of the LCA exercise, we offer workshops / executive presentations to help your staff understand and better communicate the true value of your product footprint.

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