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Branding with Carbon

Branding with carbon is a highly credible way of demonstrating commitment to sustainability, because carbon is an internationally recognized, measurable language of environmental performance that can be independently verified to international standards.

Who does it?

Companies from a range of industries currently use carbon performance to demonstrate their environmental commitment.  For example:

Whether big or small, branding campaigns with carbon work because the message can be clearly substantiated with real action. Manufacturing suppliers, OEMs and Asian brands who have yet to systematically manage and message their sustainability can use carbon branding opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their communications on sustainability issues.

How Can We Help?

The RESET Carbon team works with your Marketing or Corporate Communications team to help you shape your message, create a visual and public identity that befits your existing brand image, while providing  you an all-round plan using carbon as the key sustainability indicator. Our services include:

  • Branding strategy with carbon, including a holistic action plan (corporate or product carbon footprint, disclosure and PR, crossover opportunities, marketing campaign or product development) and costs implications
  • Production of branding and communications messages and materials
  • Advise on and potential lineup of collaboration with brands, academia and NGOs
  • Carbon communications and media training to company spokesperson

Why RESET Carbon?

  • Communications network: well networked with marketing, branding and PR professionals experienced in sustainability marketing;
  • NGO connections: well connected in the NGO community, we understand the kind of projects and message that will work and are meaningful to NGOs. We can help you avoid being challenged by NGOs, as well as lineup potential collaborations;
  • Awareness of best practice: we help you make sure that your marketing campaigns have substance, and that what you are doing and claiming can be aligned against best practices in your sector and your region.

Branding campaigns are all different – and rightly so. Not sure where to start? Talk to us.